Monday, April 19, 2010

Heidi Ayarbe—Compromised Contest Opens!

First prize—A signed copy of COMPROMISED
Second prize—A paperback copy of FREEZE FRAME

Deadline: Monday, April 26, 2010, 12AM

All you have to do to enter this contest is..
1) either Tweet, Facebook or post a link in your blog and show evidence of this in your comment
2) Come up with a creative Mafia-boss name! Yeah, it's kind of random, but fun!

So have at it!!!


  1. Aw, I love this contest! Just call me "The Zombie Squirrel." What? IT'S AN MG MAFIA-BOSS NAME...

  2. creative Mafia-boss name? What about Lancelot but he's only known by Lance?

  3. Awesome, guys! Keep em' coming!

  4. My mafia boss name is "Laci-the barber-Smitts". Sweeny Todd was already taken dangit!

  5. Hey I sent this to my local buddies...what a fun idea... let's see my mafia name would be Cats McGee, lol

  6. Well, Katie Barracuda would sound like I was sucking up, so...

    Katie the Mainspring! (If The Sopranos is to be believed, you have to be man enough to let your first name be a diminutive.)

    On second thought that sounds more like a weird fighting name. The Knickerbocker Mainspring! That allows me to also reference my bona fides, living as I do in what used to be a mobbed-up neighborhood. Obliquely reference it. It's not a perfect reference, just...oh, nevermind.

    Late hours, few remaining braincells. :)

  7. Seriously: Vesuvius Crippa

    For Fun: Musti Crappalono, or Ugo Pimploni, or Al Dente, or Zamboni the Ice ...

    and just to prove I don't discriminate against female crime bosses:

    Magenta Maccaroni, or Sardona Des Pot, or Catarina de Crunch - and Katie Barracuda's pretty cool too.

    Arrgh now I'll not get a serious sentence written all day!

  8. Oh, my, guys are seriously bonkers. Love it!

  9. Bonkers from Yonkers

  10. I changed my name legally to:
    Miss Anthrope

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