Monday, January 21, 2013

A very special release day, plus a trailer, a treasure hunt AND a giveaway!

Today is my good friend and *hammy twin* Michelle McLean's release day for her book TO TRUST A THIEF, and I'm getting a little choked up.

Was it only a year ago when the two of us were fledglings authors waiting for our moment in the sun? Yes--it was--but we were holding our breath, both of us with the strange sense that we were on the verge. After all, we had both been working like industrious beavers for years--writing, writing, writing--querying--and failing--then getting right back up again and writing and querying some more. And here's the thing for all of you who don't know us as long as we know each other (I believe it's been nearly six years)--we. NEVER. GAVE. UP. We couldn't actually, though there were times we really just needed to lick each others wounds.

So here, today, on Michelle's release day I want to celebrate her amazing journey of persistance. 2013 is her year, with much, much more to come. And she deserves every last drop of it. No one works harder! Because we help each other out, she has dubbed me her Hammy Godmother--but you know what? She's mine, too. We take care of each other you know? Which is an important lesson for all you other fledglings out there. Do unto others as you would they do unto you. It is the credo Michelle and I live by.

So here is the scoop on TO TRUST A THIEF:

Minuette Sinclair's parents are in trouble and her fake fiancé is too. A legendary lost necklace might be their salvation, and Min is determined to find it and use it to buy her family and fiancé out of their misfortunes.

Master thief Bryant Westley is also looking for the fabled necklace. He knows Min’s got information he can use so he poses as her dance instructor and tries to seduce it from her. What he doesn’t count on are his feelings for her. He offers to partner up in the search – even though she is a distraction he can’t afford.

Things become more complicated when Min realizes that her convenient engagement means more to her fake fiancé than her and that she’s fallen in love with Bryant. Bryant realizes that he can’t double cross the young lady he’s come to love. Can they find the necklace together and admit their love before it’s too late?
Here is the trailer!
So are you game for a treasure hunt? 

If you here and you can win some amazing jewelry!
and there's more--the Energizer Bunny, Christine Fonseca, is hosting a special give away in honor of Michelle...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Contest winner is:

Colleen Rowan Kosinski!

Sorry for the delay--it's been a very hectic January!