Friday, March 23, 2012

So how do you deal with the distraction---I mean multi-tasking?

Lately, I've found myself wishing either for an extra five-ten hours in the day or perhaps a pills that would let me do without sleep. And while we're at it, how about a personal chef and a very intelligent robot that can clean my house and buy my groceries. (and maybe do the laundry as well?). Then I'd also like a personal assistant to keep track of my appointments and someone to do---oh never mind. You get the point right?

Between thinking about marketing myself, doing design work, keeping up with my job, the household stuff (which includes paying attention to what my teenage daughter and college boy are up to) and oh yeah--the three WIPs I have going (did I mention critiquing and beta-reading?) I'm kind of on a creativity overload. I'm not complaining---it's all good. But, I've never been known for my cool methodical temperament. When you think of me, think of a cheerful storm, or as my colleague and I call ourselves once we get going--a detonation.

Yeah. It's an exciting time for me. But I am wanting to do everything at once. And I am finding it a little difficult to focus on writing with so many other cool projects begging for my attention (blog design, designing my website, book cover design, illustration---shall I continue?). Plus, my amazing publisher Spencer Hill Press and the incredible Kate Kaynak seems to be just like me--full of ideas and energy (but much more organized about it.) She's got me so excited, I'm about to bust (but I'm not breathing a word of what she's got me excited about--CIA swear as one of my students says.)

So, I want to know--how do you all handle it? I do drag myself to the gym and that helps. But seriously--maybe most of you aren't as kooky as me? If you are, I want to know (not you, Michelle!--I already know all about it, lol). This morning I'm really proud of myself--I ate breakfast before noon, showered and even painted my toenails..but it was a struggle.

How do you spell multi-tasking? D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N?


  1. Hi Lisa! Kim, the newbie at SHP - I just followed your blog and read your post and have to say that distraction is my middle name! It's so hard with so much going on to get everything done. I also want more hours in the day. If you or one of your readers has any ideas - please tell me! :)

  2. Ah--I suspect most of us writers/creative types are in the same boat. We still have to do all the regular stuff like any normal human except secretly we are insane and need gobs of time to indulge our appetite to CREATE. Maybe Kate can tell us how she does it. I suspect there may be three of her, lol.

  3. OOH! That gives me a great idea for a story!!! haha

  4. I could use a few extra hours too! About 10 a day might cover it :D
    First there's the list of WIPs that need attention, and I'm always adding to that, then my painting, which has felt neglected the past few months as I've worked on polishing one ms for agents and writing new ones, and then we've gone and had an early spring, and now I have to look out my window and see things blooming and budding and begging for attention in the garden. And the projects I've wanted to do inside the house since we moved in 3 years ago.
    Plus a kid and husband and a part time job and the rest... Yup, I think I need a clone.

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