Thursday, March 8, 2012

DRUMROLL, please!!!! WINNERS!!!!!

The grand prize winner of a total blog banner redesign along with some template tinkering and advice AND a partial read from Victoria Marini

goes to:

SANDI B. JONES. *take a bow, Ms. Jones*

You know what, Sandi, your entry and comment about the Care Bears really did crack me up, but that wasn't what finally won me over.  First, let me say, everyone made wonderfully persuasive pleadings. Everyone dutifully tweeted, followed, etc. Some even retweeted my every utterance, which did sway me somewhat. But then I looked at the blogs. I noted: activity, amount of followers, attempts to make blog pretty..and I decided that Sandi has been tireless in her efforts to make her blog wonderful..and it IS wonderful. And you know, I want my efforts to really make a difference. I firmly believe, that Sandi has knocked herself out with her blog--but she needs that extra something that makes it all work. She needs that redesign to take her to the next level. She's tried really hard. I want to give her the boost she has earned.

So congrats, Sandi! Your blog sold me and I can just picture how wonderful we are going to make it.

and for second prize:

Totally no less deserving and really, just as fabulous and interesting, Sarah, you are cool--and so deserving. So we can talk---but in the mean time, you get:

A copy of Meredith Zeitlin's new book and an signed book from Heidi Ayarbe along with some cool swag!

SARAH AHLERS accept your prize!!!

So, winners DM, email whatever. I need an address for the second prize winner and an email from the first prize winner.

I'll be forwarding your partial to Victoria and brainstorming ideas. When we are done--we are going to hoot holler and plan some kind of shebang, Sandi, okay?

WOOT!! and thanks everyone for all the tweets, hollers, pleadings. I feel privileged to have met all of you and hope we can all be in contact and support each other as writers!


  1. Woo Hoo! So excited!
    Here's my address:

    Sarah Ahiers
    3790 Prairie Rd
    White Bear Lake, MN 55110