Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am actually almost ready to announce...

But you know--it was such a tough choice. I feel like I want to help all of you--soooo---I'm going to REALLY uber help the grand prize winner (like even advise on blog templates, etc) and for everyone else, if you agree to host a blog tour interview for both Heidi and me when we need it, I will redo your blog banner in return.

Does that sound fair? You are all wonderful and deserving. I just happened to have found ONE who I think for various reasons, as in blog activity, effort, amount of followers and general personal coolness that came across in the blog, should be the grand prize winner. The second prize winner, is equally as cool, but for whatever reason, the GRAND prize winner's blog just screamed--'please, PLEASE, help me--I need this so badly! I'm working my little tail off here!"

Do you know who you are? You're going to find out TODAY!!!! Woohoo!! And I can't wait to FIX YOU UP!!!

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