Monday, March 16, 2015

The Girl on the Train—Guest reviewer Kristin Wroblewski-Retar

My guest reviewer, Kristin, is an avid reader and my "go-to" person for great reads. She's helped me to go beyond my usual YA reading habits and has not failed me yet. Here is her review for a book we both devoured.

The Girl on the Train 

The Girl on the Train, a taut thriller worth the time.

When you take a long trip, whether by train or
plane, the mind wanders. You might find yourself
thinking about family or work or watching other
passengers making up scenarios about their lives
based on just what you see.

This is the opening of The Girl on the Train
Rachel travels from her home to her job in London on the same
train, day in and day out. As the train rattles its
way down the track past well-appointed houses Rachel
creates scenarios based on what she sees out the

It is while stopped at a signal thats she looks into
one house in particular every day. She names the people she sees
"Jess and Jason." 

Rachel imagines their life is perfect, even as her own life is rapidly falling apart.
One day, while at the signal, Rachel sees something
shocking. It happens fast, but Rachel is sure of
what she saw so she shares everything with police.

However, the deeper the reader goes, the more
unreliable the narrative becomes. The reader
discovers early on that the characters are not likable.

They all have very little, if any redeeming
qualities and this is what keeps the reader coming
back for more. The inquisitive reader wants to know
to what depths these characters will sink.

The unreliable narrative is an often underused or even
misused device in an author's arsenal. Paula Hawkins
has elevated this narrative from the likes of Gillian
Flynn and her novel Gone Girl. The ending will even leave
you much more satisfied. 

The Girl on the Train is a spectacular debut that will leave you thinking about
it long after it is finished.

Kristin Wroblewski-Retar is a stay at home mom to her
daughter Addison. She has a degree in English from the
Ohio State University, is married to her husband Brian,
has two step sons, and a cat named George. She lives in Ohio.


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