Monday, March 9, 2015

Some exciting news: this blog is coming back from the dead...


Yes--in the weeks ahead expect this blog to spring back to life along with the frozen earth.

Changes are coming--a new look, a new name, a new focus, a cast of thousands.

The blog is going to become a "salon"--a hang out for anyone in the arts or the world of nerds--my chief areas of interest.

Yes I do love, (eat, breathe and sleep) YA books, but I love other books and eat, breathe and sleep, design/art, music, history, movies, TV, psychology, psychic stuff, and weird science facts (and shhhh--politics but there will be none of that on here--okay maybe just a teensy bit--but very, very rarely).

So stay tuned.

Change is coming.

If you are have something to say about the topics listed above(except politics) and would like to schedule a guest post on this blog in 2015, please email me with links to your social media and website through the contact form on my website.




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