Monday, February 20, 2012

Contest Opens Today! Win a Blog Redesign from me and a crit from agent Victoria Marini

Hey all! The contest opens today! And I have big news..some great prizes to sweeten the deal:

Grand Prize will be
A five-page critique from my agent extraordinaire, Victoria Marini, AND
a blog banner redesign from me.

Second Prize will be
A banner redesign and a signed copy of COMPROMISED, by Heidi Ayarbe, swag and a signed arc from author Meredith Zeitlin's forthcoming book: FRESHMAN YEAR AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS

So come back Wednesday for entry rules!


  1. Is Victoria Marini a good agent? I follow her on twitter and she seems a little neurotic/chaotic. WIPs go missing, edits go missing. Perhaps she is a little new/young but my critique group are wary of querying her.

    It would be good to get a client's perspective.

  2. When I signed with Victoria, I thought I was taking quite a gamble since she was young and new. She is still young, but far more seasoned and connected than when I signed. I was once repped by a well known agent and I wouldn't leave Victoria for ten so-called "big" agents. She is GOING to be a big agent. She has a number of sales under her belt, but that aside, she gives me a reason to write. She is far more than a business partner--she is a MUSE. We hash out all my new ideas and she reads and edits, just like my crit group. I cannot say enough good about her. She is neither scattered or disorganized---just extremely busy because she is truly a hands on agent. Shall I go on? :)

  3. What are the contest rules? Would love to enter!

  4. She is selling books and her clients are happy! That speaks for itself, doesn't it? I'm excited about the contest- for the banner design and the critique. Thanks Lisa and Victoria for having the contest!

  5. So, I stopped by this morning ( to check out the contest) and as I was reading through these comments, I was SHOCKED by the posts that were grilling the author on her agent. People, that is not professional. And maybe me saying so in this venue isn't professional either, but still.
    Lisa- well handled.
    Anon and Sally - this is a business and things happen. People are human. An social media is that... a way to be social. Find better ways to question authors about their representation and stop taking away from what they are trying to accomplish.
    That is all.
    PS Sorry I missed the contest.