Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Redesign!

Hey, what the heck? It's a new year, same me, but I wanted to put more focus on the other things I do besides write, such as graphic design and illustration for children's books. I'm also thinking forward---I'm going to be having an interview with the wonderful HEIDI AYARBE, where she and I discuss self-promotion for authors, reveal her brand new website design (that I did for her) and have a contest! Details to come.

Also, pssst.....I'm going to be announcing some exciting news next week. Lips sealed for now!

Here are some links to my other blog header designs to get you excited for my blog design giveaway contest:

Teen Writers' Bloc with the my talented friends, Dhonielle Clayton, Corey Heydu and Sona Charaipotra 

And here is Heidi's redesigned blog:

Oh, and I designed this one, too, for author of Possession, Elana Johnson:


  1. Nice! love your blog. Would love to see the URL of that site :)

  2. I think I'm going to FAINT. You like it? Be still my heart. Don't worry...I'm getting there. I just wanted to get this done first because I am revealing my friend's redesign and this place needed some housekeeping!