Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SCBWI conference this weekend in NYC. Who's going?

I am a NY resident, so I will be commuting. I am signed up for the Friday intensive.

Anyone else going?

Oh, in other news: I finished the second draft of my clunkazoid WIP, thanks to the Plot Whisperer. Now I have to clean up, edit and get a query going. I'm going to be getting my first 500 read on Friday, so I hope that goes well. Then it's back into the the querying jungle. Thank goodness I have this blog to distract me and I am going to LEAP into the next book without even stopping for air.

It'll be my fifth. Yeesh. It's been five full years that I've been at this writer's game. I'm so glad I love my day job! I hope something good happens this year. Either way, I'll trudge on. I have the thick scarred hide of a tyrannosaurus rex.


  1. I so wish I was coming to the conference! Maybe one year, right?

    Congrats on finishing your fifth novel! I can't wait to read it. And you're totally gonna nail the query and the agent and the book deal this year!!

    Go, Lisa!

  2. Best of luck! ooh the tyranny is my favourite dinosaur :o)

  3. Yeah? You wanna read it? You certainly can. email me. Please? *drops to her knees*

    And you'd better get your Utah self to NY one of these days! Maybe we can drag Elkie in, too, and our favorite southern Belle, Miss Mary. And those darling sisters. Our old crew!

    Me..not so sure I'm headed your way. Chicago, maybe. Not Utah. *sniff*

  4. Niki, I'm probably more like a raptor. I'm way to little to be a tyranno, though I do have quite a big bite!

  5. So insulted over here not to be included in the old crew! *grin* just kidding.

    I know you'll do great:) Good luck!

  6. Ah gee.. and that ninja lady in the country's belly-button too. I was just thinking Utah.

  7. Thinking of you this weekend spreading your magnetic charm over the conference. Hope you are LOVING IT.