Saturday, December 19, 2009

Three more days to enter the Super-Fabby Scones competition!!!

Deadline is midnight, Dec. 22, Scones Release Day!!


  1. Hey Lisa! So nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting me over at Putting Pen To Paper and for following.

    Your blog looks great. I feel right at home over here.:0) The Scones competition sounds wonderful. I think I'll enter. I had actually began to unplug, when I noticed you had been to my blog.

    So I think I shall enter. Merry Christmas. Here's to a Fantastic New Year. And an agent signing for moi. You too?

  2. Hi Robyn! Thanks for the follow. And yes, PLEASE enter! Scones is SO, SO funny and adorable just like Linds..and a Cuda crit is worth it's weight in gold and could further you in your quest. Out of 6 Cudas I am the only unagented one, but I actually had an agent so, I guess I am officially between agents!