Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy last day of the decade and the Wonderful Wizard of Plotting

A few ruminations:
Yeah, yeah..the first decade of the twenty-first century is over. I guess it's been a mixed bag as far as these things go. This country has lost its innocence and a good bit of its exuberance. I think we have tempered our expectations, but within that realized that happiness can still be pursued and found.

I suppose in my own way, that has been my journey as well. I started writing midway through the decade, at rather a late point in my life. I'd already committed myself to the visual arts. As I became more and more engrossed in writing, my dream of publication became all-consuming. It also happened to be timed with the meteoric rise of the Young Adult Book sector (initially spurred by Harry Potter then fueled by Twilight). It seemed in 2007-08 that getting published was an easily attainable goal. I got pretty close. But my timing was a bit off. I signed with an agent in late 2008, one week before the near collapse of the American economy. And that was the week that for the country, and for me, things started to change. It became difficult for agents to sell books to a skittish industry. Many agents closed shop. Things soured quickly.

My agent and I parted on good terms six months later. I bear her no ill will and am pleased to see that things are turning around for her. They seem to be turning around for the industry as slowly, the economy returns to life. But either way, the industry is changing as e-readers become more popular.

As for me..I am the furthest thing from discouraged. I am still in hot pursuit of the publishing dream. But as I read books that I admire, such as Hunger Games and Beautiful Creatures, I realize I am in even greater pursuit of writing excellence. I am more interested in upping my game, and improving my writing. I don't even want an agent until I am certain I have reached a higher level. When I signed with my agent, I thought I'd gotten as good as I could. I was wrong. Now don't think I am stalling. I am revising and hope to begin querying in the early part of 2010. But I am in no hurry. And I am content writing, critting and blogging. I never expected to love blogging like I do! Thanks to all the people who have chosen to follow me and listen to my blatherings!

Now, for my find of the year (thanks to my blog-sistah Christine Fonseca for the lead) I am now officially addicted to the PLOT WHISPERER. This genius blogger has just completed the month long, day by day plotting plan. It is SUPERB. I am posting the link to DAY ONE. Now, with the whole month of steps posted, you can follow at your own speed.

Thank you Plot-Whisperer, you magnificent Wizard of Plotting!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. What a crazy story. It's sure to have a beautiful ending. Good luck and best wishes for 2010!

  2. your time is coming mama cuda! world domination! :)

  3. Thanks for the link! Is it sad that one of the reasons I'm excited to get a Mac is so that I can finally use Scrivener? Anyway. Much love in the New Year, Lis. 2010 is all about you - I feel it!

  4. How's the revising going. I'm on my next round. Hoping to be ready in Feb.


  5. Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling very Zen, enjoying the journey and not worrying so much about the destination.

    Coll! As I mentioned on FB I am immersed in making sure the plot really works this time. The Plot Whisperer website is really helping me get organized (not one of my strong suits). You?

  6. What a great post, Lisa. I know I'll be able to read your books in print one day. They are amazing - as are you.

  7. Thanks, love! Same goes for you, Miss E. I'm going to find your books right next to my good pal and critmate, Christine Johnson in the very, very near future (her book is out in May, actually).

    PS.. you are my blog-spiration.

  8. Happy New Years and happy writing to you!

  9. Woot - thanks for the shout-out! It is a great site, isn't it...

  10. Thanks Kerri, and same to you!

    Christine, that site has changed my LIFE! You should see my gorgeous plot map. I'll take a picture of it and post it soon.

  11. Sounds like you have a great perspective for the new year. Hope you achieve your goals!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    I am humbled and thrilled by your comments. Thank you.
    What a generous spirit you have!
    I've been a plot queen and plot whisperer. I love plot wizard...
    Thank you so much for sharing my link with other writers,
    I wish you every success.
    PS - I'd love to see your gorgeous plot map, too!

  13. Martha! I am so THRILLED to have your comment on here. I'll post my plot map soon! It's so pretty. And now I am addicted to post-its. For now I am too engrossed in finishing the rewrite mess your plot month helped me fix.

    So I bow my head in humble devotion to your awesomeness.

  14. Wonderful inspiring, positive post!

    I wish you well as you navigate your way from writer to published author :)

    Look forward to your updates!

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