Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reblog: Heidi Ayarbe's Awesome Author's Visit

I decided to visit my dear friend Heidi Ayarbe's (author of FREEZE FRAME, 2008 and the forthcoming COMPROMISED)blog expecting to find something entertaining and I did. So I am sharing the splendor and the wonder that is Heidi.

This year my author visits were with Kindergarteners, second and third graders, who, in my opinion, had some of the best questions and comments ever!

1. Did you write your book in pencil or are you allowed to use a pen?
2. Do you have lots of pictures in the book?

I asked how long they thought it took me to write the book:
Student A: Ummm, like ten hours.
Student B: No way. At least two weeks.
Me: About three and a half years. So I started when you were still wearing diapers and finished when you were in first grade.
Students. Whoaaaaaaaa ... (whispers -- she's really slow.)

3. Do you read your book after you're done?

I talked about revision and making corrections and how my editor had pages and pages of notes on how I needed to make my book better.
Student A: Oh. Did you forget your capitals and periods?
Student B: I bet you missed a lot of spelling words.

4. How did you draw the picture on the front?
5. Do you really like your job?

And my favorite ...

6. How did you get the pages in the book? (Comments afterward included: Geez. If she had to put her book together in the garage she'd never get done.)

Thank you Fritsch School for welcoming me and making me smile. Thank you for your amazing attention to detail.

PLUS, I loved the hugs. (High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers usually don't hug me.)


  1. That's it - I quit if there's no hugging involved. Heidi, how do you cope?

  2. Hee hee. I love their comments. So cute! How do you get those pages in the book? Love it!

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