Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet the Cudas

We Cudas have decided the best way to celebrate the release of Lindsay Eland's fantabulous book, out this December, SCONES AND SENSIBILITY, is to let the readers of this blog meet us all. We are quite a crew (or chew, some might say) and each of us is distinctly different from the other fish in the tank.

Have no fear, you will be hearing from Becca Fitzpatrick and Neesha Meminger. They are kind enough to fit my interview into their seriously frantic schedules and it will be a treat! In the meantime, while we await Baby Cuda Dhonielle Clayton's arrival, let me introduce you to the creatures that swim in our pond.

Lisa: Mama Cuda. Sometimes goes by the name of The Bottom Feeder or Fang
Lindsay: Nice Cuda, who could possibly nibble you to death. Also known as Love Bites Cuda
Dhonielle: Baby Cuda, Baby Genius Cuda
Cyndy: Longtooth of the West
Kate: Snaggletooth of the East
Pippa: Our newest Cuda, but no less sharp in the tooth. Quickjaw of the North
Our Cuda on hiatus:
Cathy: Eagle-eye Cuda or one who swoops down to eat wayward fishies
And lastly, our Cuda Emeritus:
Linda: Wise Cuda, or fondly known as Yoda Cuda.


  1. Lisa, I love your blog! It is fun to come over and visit and think, I can't believe I'm so lucky to know you. Well. sort of. ;-)

  2. Sort of lucky, or sort of know me? Ha! I know the answer. :)