Sunday, October 30, 2016

YA Fest 2017 Author Reveal (including me!)

The following authors will be attending #YAFest2017.

Mark Alpert!, author of THE SIX series.  
Lisa Amowitz, author of UNTIL BETH
Holli Anderson!, author of THE FIVE series
Maria Andreu!, author of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY
Cyn Balog, author of UNNATURAL DEEDS
Hannah Barnaby!, author of SOME OF THE PARTS
Michele Barrow-Belisle!, author of FAERIE SONG TRILOGY
Selene Castrovilla!, author of SIGNS OF LIFE
Brynn Chapman!, author of THE REQUIEM RED
Julie Chibbaro!, author of INTO THE DANGEROUS WORLD
Chrissa Jean Chappell, author of MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH
Zoraida Cordova!, author of LABYRINTH LOST
Beth Fehlbaum!, author of BIG FAT DISASTER
Kelly Hashway, author of INTO THE FIRE
Christine Heppermann!, author of ASK ME HOW I GOT HERE
Jeff Hirsch, author of BLACK RIVER FALLS
Jeffry W. Johnston!, author of THE TRUTH
Demitria Lunetta, author of the upcoming BAD BLOOD
Kristin Paige Madonia!, author of INVISIBLE FAULT LINES
Jennifer Murgia, author of CASTLE OF SIGHS
Christine Norris!, author of A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON
Nancy Ohlin!, author of CONSENT
Jenny Perinovic!, author of THE ASYLUM SAGA series
Gryffyn Phoenix!, author of HAVEN AWAKENING series
Stacie Ramey!, author of the upcoming HOMECOMING
Danielle Rollins!, author of the upcoming BURNING
** As Danielle Vega, author of THE MERCILESS
Dianne Salerni!, author of THE EIGHTH DAY series
Tiffany Schmidt, author of ONCE UPON A CRIME FAMILY series
Kieran Scott, author of WHAT WAITS IN THE WOODS
Kara Thomas!, author of THE DARKEST CORNERS
Yvonne Ventresca, author of BLACK FLOWERS, WHITE LIES
K.M. Walton, author of the upcoming ULTIMATUM
Meg Wiviott!, author of PAPER HEARTS

Authors marked with ! are new attending authors.  We’re so glad to have so many new names, faces, and books at YA Fest 2017!

Who are you excited to meet?  

Keep an eye on our blog for updates on attending authors, and how YOU can get involved in #YAFest2017!