Friday, May 4, 2012

Heidi Ayarbe WANTED release Blog Snog---interview with Stephen Barbara

I'm going to link here to the blog of YA author Cindy Thomas who has an interview with super-agent Stephen Barbara about Heidi and why he signed her. And I have to laugh about his mention of being surprised how nice she was after reading her gritty writing style. I was too! But now that I know her for seven years, I'm kind of used to the snarl of her hard-edged writing as contrasted to the super sweet caring person she actually is. Haha--we are not necessarily what we write, thank goodness!

Okay--you know--I actually met Stephen a number of years ago. Great guy. And I have the distinct honor of being rejected by him four times (in typical flash response Barbara style)! But it's okay--Stephen is the kind of agent you want--someone who only signs people he believes in 300%. And that is how he felt about Heidi. And I know why. I critted that first book he signed her for, FREEZE FRAME. And it blew me away. Back then, Stephen himself was a new agent--but he was a new agent with vision. He recognized a good thing when he saw it. He recognized genius.

So, even though he rejected me umpteen times, I still love the guy. How can you not?

So here is the link to Cindy's blog and Heidi's.

And don't forget to read WANTED.

Heidi's blog
Cindi's blog

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