Friday, November 12, 2010

The characters who live in my head want to meet you

Hi all. My characters from LIFE and BETH have been living in my head for a very long time. They felt they deserved a proper send off. What I am posting here are photo-illustrations which I will then render as traditional drawings.

This first image is Beth Collins, the girl who not only plays a killer lead guitar, but can kill with her mind.

The second image is love interest, Alain Duquette, the French classical guitarist with secrets of his own. (pssst...note I gave Alain's shaggy main a trim--thanks, Christine!_


  1. Very cool! Beth looks a lot like I thought she would based on the little I read way back when you were working on your first pages. Don't think I ever "met" Alain, but he looks like someone I'd like to read about!

  2. Love the pictures! I really like their hair :)
    I want to hear them play some music!!

  3. Hey, Linda. thanks! And Keri--the music part will have to remain imaginary unless someone with actual musical ability volunteers to write the song Beth is obsessed with (that doesn't exist!). Got zippo music talent myself. It was fun pretending!

    They do at one point play the classical duet Claire de Lune (in honor of my good friend Christine Johnson's book of the same name).

  4. Love them, Lisa! Beth is exactly how I pictured her and Alain is dreamy.

  5. Awesome, Trish. It means a lot coming from you, since you *know* them better than most. :)

  6. I love your characters! Great job on the graphics. Looking forward to your drawings:) I love what's going on inside your head, my friend.