Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Online Writer's Conference in August

This is so exciting! It's founded by Elana Johnson (my favorite kick-ass empress of the blogosphere) and some other cool folks like Lisa and Laura Roecker. There are going to be a host of agents and writers check it out!!! It's free!

And don't forget...It's Ten Word Tuesday on Michelle McLean's blog where I continue to spout my infinite font of wisdom. (ouch--that was hard pulling my tongue away from my cheek, especially after the oral surgery I had last Friday.)


  1. Gotta love Blogsphere! There is always something fun going on.

  2. Hi Lisa, I loved your post on Michelle's blog today and love your attitude! You'll get there - keep trying :)

    I was just having similar yay-for-positivity! thoughts altely, thanks to Jenny Cruise, and thought you might like the quote in this entry:

  3. Hi Ellen! Thanks! I'm going to check out your blog right now.

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