Thursday, April 29, 2010

Contest Results!

FIRST PLACE (signed copy of COMPROMISED – hardback): VESUVIUS CRIPPA (Absolutely cool and I loved the string of names afterward. Honestly, Magenta Maccaroni was my favorite in the pile .. as well as Al Dente. J )

SECOND PLACE (signed copy of FREEZE FRAME – paperback): THE KNICKERBOCKER MAINSPRING (and I also loved Katie Barracuda because, well, if I’m the CAPO of the bunch, I need followers that suck up!)

And, KUDOS to Lisa's mom. She was disqualified because a family member can't win the prize. Nevertheless, I was quite impressed with Moishe the Mohel.

CONGRATS TO ALL! Happy happy reading! Please send your addresses to Lisa, so she can pass them on to me. I’ll mail them out next week when I’m in the States!

Thanks for participating.



  1. Thanks, Christine! I read your awesome interview on the GLA blog. Love that Chuck!

    Thanks, Carolyn.

    Stay tuned from the next two interviews. Coming up next--Christine Johnson of Claire de Lune.

  2. Wow, thank YOU, Heidi! I'm kinda relieved Lisa's mom was disqualified. I'm calling on her for character names in future :) Am really stoked to be getting such an awesome prize just for having fun!

  3. Anyone who comes up with Vesuvius Cripps earns it! I laughed out loud. So thank you for that.
    Your book's in the mail (next week, when I'm in the States.)